About Tiffany

Welcome and thank you for checking out my campaign website!

My name is Tiffany Ackley, and I’m excited to run for Aliso Viejo City Council. Why am I running? The answer is simple. I love Aliso Viejo and I want to help keep it safe, clean and prosperous. For You and With You.

I grew up in South Orange County, and my husband and I moved to Aliso Viejo in 2009, so we could start our family here. Through the past eight years, I have come to understand Aliso Viejo’s unique attributes that make it a wonderful place to live.

I am running for Aliso Viejo City Council because I want to ensure our city is run efficiently and with an eye towards the future. Smart growth, investment in school aged programs, holding our council to high ethical standards, and continued excellence in public safety are some of the issues I will address as a council person.

As an attorney I have spent the last decade of my life defending cities. This has afforded me the opportunity to learn what it takes to make a city run smoothly and efficiently. I hold a Masters of Business Administration, which gives me an appreciation of business environments. I’ve also served on my HOA board for the past several years, including serving as treasurer and president. Essentially, I have spent my career helping my community and clients.

I consider myself a well-rounded candidate having been an attorney, an HOA board president, a consultant, a teacher, a student, a mom, a community volunteer, a sister, and a wife. All of these experiences have prepared me to serve on the Aliso Viejo City Council, where I can bring my unique skill set to tackle the challenges ahead of us. That’s what leadership is all about.

November 2018 is right around the corner. I would be honored to have your support. We are always looking for volunteers, donations, and of course, your vote. I am running For You. With You.


Tiffany Ackley

On the issues

Leadership starts with ethics.  In a democracy, the prevailing ideal is that the people have the final say.  It is a cherished value which all Americans hold dear.  If you do not agree with your City Council members, every four years you can vote them out.  However, that should only be the beginning of the checks which hold public office holders accountable to their constituents.  The majority of our City Council members have resisted a basic code of conduct.  It is a simple concept that conflicts of interest and transgressions costing the City money should be made visible in the light of day – there should be repercussions for those transgressions.  We should be aware of all of the facts when we cast our votes.  After all, the citizens employ the City Council and not the other way around. A code of conduct is a step in the right direction, and I support adopting one.

There are few things in life more precious than keeping our children safe. One way to do that is to make sure schools are safe and that children have constructive things to do, especially after school is finished.

I intend to work with local schools as well as the Aliso Viejo library to ensure that there are safe after-school programs to extend the school day for all our local children.

Thanks to our wonderful police force, Aliso Viejo’s crime rate is lower compared to other cities. This is thanks, in no small part, to the hard-working Orange County Sheriff’s deputies. But as crime rates increase across the State, we need to get ahead of it in a smart and effective manner. I will work with City government and the Orange County Sheriff to address this recent rising crime for the protection of our community.

Several Southern California cities have adopted environmentally friendly programs which offer incentives to participating homeowners.  As an example, some cities have adopted a solar panel program whereby homeowners are provided incentives to install solar panels. These types of programs can be beneficial to our community, City and the environment while preserving the freedom for citizens to decide if they want to participate.  In addition, these programs can open opportunities for local businesses.  As a City Council member, I promise to investigate the feasibility of these types of programs for Aliso Viejo.

A large portion of Aliso Viejo is run by the master association, Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA).  AVCA is responsible for parks in our community, events including the 4th of July celebration, movies and concerts in the park, and the Easter egg hunt (just to name a few).  As a City Council member, I pledge to foster open communication and a healthy relationship with AVCA and to encourage AVCA and the City Council to work together to ensure Aliso Viejo remains a desirable, safe place to live.

Education (both academic and social) is an important foundational civil function.  Education is an investment which pays great dividends over time – like a savings account.  Further, our educational infrastructure touches nearly everyone in the City through traffic/road safety considerations at drop off and pick up times, public parks, opportunities for our youth so they can make good choices since they will have options, helping teenagers begin to transition into the community, honoring the contributions our youth make as they represent our city, making sure children have safe places for day care and to learn.   As a City Council member, I will support our local schools, youth sports and other youth organizations.

Infrastructure is a large part of the City budget and is crucial to ensuring our City remains open, connected and cohesive. No one wants to see potholes or unsafe intersections.  As an attorney, I have represented cities that have dealt with issues related to public safety and infrastructure.  We need leaders willing to participate in cross-entity meetings, leaders who research complex issues and communicate effectively to produce solutions.  An example of this is the Tollroad which connects Aliso Viejo directly to other communities.  Our City needs strong representation to ensure interests within our City limits are advocated for outside the City limits.  I will support keeping our infrastructure strong, efficient, and with an eye towards keeping our community safe and prosperous.